Central Christian College of Kansas is passionately dedicated to providing opportunity to students from all walks of life and backgrounds. This fact is seen and heard through our rich history and the many stories that have been shared by former faculty and students. Our mission statement is a reaffirmation of that seminal goal: it is an uncomplicated reminder of the ethos that has inspired this institution since its inception, and today it remains the same. Yet, in combination with the growth we have experienced, it’s necessary for us to acknowledge the increasing demands that exist within our growing student population and the need to maintain an advantage competitively with our athletic programs. For this reason, we have launched our $12.5M Capital Funds Campaign to help meet these needs. There are five critical areas that are targeted in this campaign:


The Plan Layout

With this portion of the campaign, we are seeking an improved experience for our students and athletes by adding:  1) a new outdoor athletic complex, 2) expanding our dining facility, and 3) constructing two new dorms that will allow for more comfortable living spaces, pleasant dining experiences, and enhanced training and competition for our athletic teams. With this plan, it will provide Central with the necessary room for future growth opportunities as well.

Press Box (Lower Level)



  Will include a large viewing area to be used by

alumni for games, a place for coaches to take recruits when showing them the facilities, as well as a meeting room for coaches and classroom presentations. It will also serve as the location for public address staff, TV cameras, live-streaming equipment, etc.

Aaron Hoxie, Men's Soccer Coach

Outdoor Athletic Complex

  Two locker rooms

   Two large restrooms (to be shared with locker

       rooms and public facilities)

   Weight room approximately 90 ft. X 30 ft.

      The weight room will be a viable recruiting and
      retaining tool as our current facility is
      incredibly undersized for the number of 

      student athletes at Central.

 Storage for lacrosse 30 X 30, soccer 30 X 30,
      track and field 30 X 30

Central’s need for a new outdoor athletic facility is multifaceted: not only will this project provide Central with the ability to host more outdoor (collegiate, intramural, and community) athletic events, but it will also boost our level of prestige while requiring less maintenance, manpower, and – consequently – less money. With a synthetic turf field, Central as a whole will be able to maximize our community impact through improved recruiting, top-of-the-line athletic camps, community sports leagues, and so on – the possibilities are truly endless. All of these events will bring more involvement within our campus from families to people from local and state populations, thus multiplying the outreach of Central as a whole. A facility of this magnitude will catapult Central into a brand new era of athletic prowess, will bolster our community outreach efforts, and will broaden our scope of influence as a Christian college.

Press Box (Upper Level)

“The biggest affect that a turf complex will have is the community impact. Even though Central is already actively involved in community relations and activities, this complex will aid in this mission by giving us year-round access .”  

Presidential Opportunity Challenge

For the past decade, Central’s residential halls have consistently teetered around max capacity – often between 85% - 90%. The natural consequence for such volume is a fundamental limitation of growth potential, subsequently creating a metronome of progression and loss.

Central’s new residential units will allow us to redefine capacity and raise our growth ceiling. Potential students will be attracted to the pristine housing that surpasses that of rival institutions. Additionally, renovations to Kline Hall will create a progressive model that allows continuing students to live in a community that prepares them for post-graduation responsibility. Student satisfaction will potentially surge, thus skyrocketing Central’s retention rate, community impact, and overall sustainability.

Residential Units

Residential Units

Dining Expansion

The expansion of the dining room facility is in the interest of the McPherson community:

1. Expanding the dining room will accommodate larger local civic organizations. By increasing our capacity to upwards of 400 people, this facility will make Central the largest catered dining facility in McPherson and will enrich community activities and outreach.

2. Enlarging the dining facility will support conventions being hosted. McPherson is a hub in the central plains corridor, with conventions often using Central’s dorms for housing. The expanded dining facility will propel McPherson into becoming a viable option for conventions in the Midwest. 


3. Increasing the dining facility will increase residency in the McPherson area. Noel-Levitz states that a college’s cafeteria plays an integral role “in student satisfaction and retention.” With a projected 55% of graduates staying in the McPherson area, a greater retention rate will lead to more graduates, an enhanced workforce for the McPherson community, and an enriched sense of community pride.

4. Expanding the dining facility means keeping it local. By using home-grown vendors to meet our expanded dining room’s needs, Central will stimulate the local economy and provide greater employment opportunities within McPherson, providing betterment for the entire community – not just Central. 

The Annual Fund is worthy for the following reasons:

1. Central Christian College serves as a viable source of employment for the McPherson community, with monthly payroll consisting of 120 employees (88 full-time, the rest part-time). The financial strength of Central Christian College is imperative to the vitality of our employees, and, consequently, the vitality of our community.

2. For nine months out of the year, Central’s 314 on-ground (often out-of-state) students are predominantly dependent upon the local retail service providers of McPherson, and boost our local economy by shopping in local stores, attending local churches, and using local medical facilities.

3. The vibrancy of Central Christian College of Kansas directly impacts the spiritual ethos of the surrounding community. McPherson was ranked as the second safest “college city” in America in 2017, and Central played a definitive role in that. Through our efforts, we create an environment where Good can flourish, while striving to continue being a beacon of hope and influence in all that we pursue. 

Annual Fund


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Through Matching Gifts, Planned Giving, and other giving options you can make sure that your gift has the greatest impact. Call Dr. Dean Kroeker at 620.504.3000 Ext. 104 to discuss the giving options.  

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